Crew members

We couldn’t have continued this journey with the help and support of our fellow crew members … Marlon, our builder, Delio, our coach builder and Angelo our upholstery specialist. So far most of the work has been done by these 3. In the summer of 2019 a new crew member was added to the team, Divide: a drawing artist from Italy. In collaboration with the school of Fumeto in Milan. In November of that same year mister Debram also from Italy joined the team to capture our activities digitally with a camera. 

Mr. Marly

Origin: Surinam 
Favorite car: Mercury led sled 1949
Symphony: Soul jazz 
Favorite tool: Tape measure 
Terms of reference:​ Marley      OS

Mr. Debram

Origin: Italy
Favorite car: Suzuki Scudo Pikespeak
Symphony: All music
Favorite tool: Hammer
Terms of reference:​ Mister Debram      BS

Mr. X

Origin: Italy
Favorite car: Lamborghini Huracan
Symphony: All music
Favorite tool: Drone
Terms of reference: Mister X      BS

Mr. Coffie

Origin: Curacao
Favorite car: Abarth 205A Vignale
Symphony: Blues/HipHop
Favorite tool: Grinder
Terms of reference: Mister Coffie      OS

Mr. Gonzales

Origin: Argentina
Favorite car: Toyota Hilux
Symphony: Rock
Favorite tool: Sheet metal hammer 
Terms of reference: Mister Delio      OS

Mr. Davide

Origin: Italy
Favorite car: Ford Mustang GT 1967
Symphony: Soul music
Favorite tool: Rough Graphite
Terms of reference: Mister DBA      BS


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